Apps That Will Get You Smarter

Had enough of the mind-numbing feeling that can occur when playing the latest level of Candy Crush, or feeling under satisfied by the newest filters on Snapchat? It’s probably time to develop those brain cells and learn a new skill, find a hobby or train your mind to think differently.
Having a number of apps available to look at on a daily basis – whether you’re on a break at work, on the way home or relaxing in bed – you’ll be able to gain some quick skills and smarts in your spare time.
There are a ton of apps to improve brain power, teach you a language or even educate you with experts from Universities, and some can be free and easy to use for an educational confidence boost.
Here are a few of the top apps that will help you learn, practise and train your brain to get smarter!
Duolingo is a fast way to learn a new language. Offering help for any language in the world, the app is renowned for what it does. Using a number of vocal, writing and reading exercises, the app will help teach you the language, from the basics, right through to building up your fluency.
Unlike other language applications, Duolingo pairs you with people across the world who are native in the language you’re learning in order to help you understand the way the language is used from day to day. Whilst learning the Queen’s English is a good place to start for foreigners, that extra help from native British individuals helps to tone down the language into an everyday style that will be must more understandable to the natives.
You will be tested on each module you learn and whilst some answers may be one word, or multiple choice, you’ll also be given activities in which you will have to write long paragraphs of writing to answer the question. This is then sent to your language buddy to edit if they can and send back to you.
It’s an interactive and easy way to learn a language – whether you’re looking for a few key phrases for a holiday, or are booking to travel the globe for a year – getting a grip of the language is a respectful way to allow locals to see your appreciation for their language and culture.
Luminosity is known for making your brain training short, easy and available to fit into your everyday life schedule. By taking an initial assessment, the app will provide a number of activities each day that will focus on the weakest areas of your brain. The app has been known to elongate attention spans, improve work performance and increase people’s memories.
It’s free to download and each activity is sleek in design and fun enough to not feel stressed when taking part.
Luminosity is just one of many all-round brain trainers, and finding the best for you and your style of learning will be a matter a researching and trailing.
Khan Academy
For a quick boost of the smarts, or a fast way to shock your friends with a fun and quirky new skill or fact, Khan Academy has something for you. With video tutorials and articles offered entirely for free, you’ll be able to find something new to learn every time you open the app.
From Algebra to Arts and music, the app has something to develop all your skills and give you something new to learn and look forward to everyday.
There’s even a test prep section that will assure you that the several hours of Youtube videos have actually paid off!

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