Need A Cheating Partner App?

Admit it, we all occasionally have suspicions about long term partners. Even if they’re the most perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, and you have no reason to doubt their words or actions, something panics a little inside when we feel in love that makes us doubt ourselves and think ‘what if this person doesn’t feel the same way’, or ‘what if they like someone else’.

It might be a simple thing that sets off these worries – from arriving home late more than once, or becoming a little more secretive with their messages – but whatever it is, it’s hard to stop thinking about once you’ve begun.

And whether these are all ideas in our heads, or there’s something that seems like it actually warrants looking into, it’s a horrible feeling suspecting a partner of cheating. Never mind finding out you’re right!

Of course, it’s important to remember that a relationship between two people should be built on love and trust, and using apps to find out whether your spouse is cheating on you is a breakdown of that trust.
In fact, any app that allows you to snoop on your spouse’s phone for any reason is a breakdown of that trust, and you need to think carefully what that could do to the relationship if they were to find out.

It may be a better idea to discuss your worries with your partner in a rational way, in order to build up those trust barriers again and better the relationship.

If you’re not going for the ethical approach, read on. There may be some nifty apps and tricks to finding out the truth about partners before risking ruining your relationship by falsely accusing them.

Snooping without consent is against the law, so apps like mCouple and mSpy could help, but require both parties in the relationship to accept to allow the other to view all their call history, messages and anything else on their phone at any time.

However, if your partner consents to using this app and letting yon monitor everything they do, chances are, they are definitely not cheating. If they hesitate and refuse to let you access their things whilst out and about, this may be a warning sign.

GPS trackers however – such as Apple’s Find My Friends allows you to track your friends and family to see where they are. Originally designed as a safety mechanism, you would be able to use your partners Apple ID to find out their whereabouts at any time.

With the technology world as it is today, there are plenty ways a cheater could hide their details from you; hidden apps like a fake calculator icon etc could be the answer to your worries.

However, for apps that are safe and secure for snooping, consent is needed on both parts, often alongside monthly subscriptions.

It might be best just to talk about your relationship with your spouse instead of trying the Sherlock Holmes route and ultimately being left feeling a little embarrassed.

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