Can I Privately Browse Through An App?

After the likes of the incognito tabs on Google Chrome and desktop search providers, we’ve really been spoilt in the world of private browsing.
So now, we’re all really wondering how we can browse using apps and web services privately on our phones.

First things first, you might be wondering why we’d even need to browse privately. Sometimes we may want to search or use apps that offer intimate products or details that we do not want anybody else to be able to see. If you closed your browser on your phone, as soon as it is re-opened again, your last searches will still appear.

Not only this, but have you ever felt a little cautious about the Auto-fill on your computer? It’s a little unnerving to know that all your passwords are remembered and saved onto the web, meaning as soon as someone wants access to your personal details, all they have to do is log in with a passwords that’s usually already in place for them. This is a risk when talking about hackers who are looking for bank details, or even children trying to find what their birthday present is.

Each Operating System will have its own version of a private app that will allow privacy throughout apps and online browsing.

Apple : Screen Private Browsing by SavySoda

This little app allows you to search online and through apps entirely privately. It’s a ‘no frills’ system that is faster and free than your usual web provider and takes away any web jargon that might be attached to the page.
It hides all cookies, history and cache from any onlookers and by exiting the app, all of it disappears.

Alternatively for iOS users, there is the ability to turn on private search when using the built-in web application, Safari.

In older versions of the iPad and iPhone, you’ll be able to find the facility in your general settings for the Sarafi, along with a tonne of other helpful tools you might need for the web.

On newer models with the latest iOs updates, you can tap on the Safari app, and go to add a new tab. On the left hand bottom corner, there will be the option to set the tab as private or public.

iOS and Android: InBrowser

InBrowser mimics the private sessions of a desktop search facility on your phone. Each time you stop the app and close it down on your phone, tablet or iPod, any information stored will immediately be deleted.

For many of us, private browsing is an important feature to have. Whether it’s for browsing embarrassing medical conditions, or planning your best friend’s birthday party, it’s good to know that your browser history isn’t stored somewhere for all to see.

Using simple apps like these, or changing the browse settings through your phone’s setting page will help you get rid of any awkward moments you might have if someone saw your history of searches…
Happy searching!

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