Cool Apps You Didn’t Know About…

If you’re not one for deeply researching what new things are available, or tend to focus your app shopping around the top app charts, then you’re seriously missing out on what the market has to offer! For every dream, need and idea you have, there is someone out there developing your ideas into an app for all to use. Most apps we’ll download and never end up using, and some apps we’ll use everyday. And when it comes to cools apps you didn’t know about, the list can go on for a lifetime, so here are a few to get you started in all sorts of areas of your life.
Apps for phones can basically do absolutely everything now – from splitting the bill with friends at a meal, to entertain you with brain exercises on your way, or even speak your favorite blog posts, new stories and books to you whilst you’re busy work at the gym.
If you’re a little forgetful and never quite manage to complete the whole shopping list of things you’ll need for that all important meal you’re cooking, an app like Substitutions is probably something you need to look into. Whether you opt for this paid-for app – or… choose a substitute free version – it’s a type of app that will offer suggesting for an alternative ingredient when cooking.
Not only will the app help with forgetful recipe dwellers, you can also find ways to make your favourite meals and drinks healthier, with the options to find vegetarian, gluten free and lower-fat substitutes!
Sleep Bot
Although still not super popular in downloads, the Sleep Bot app is raved about over the internet constantly. This nifty alarm clock app will work with you to slowly figure out your sleeping pattern , and wake you up accordingly so that you will feel more rested.
There are different levels of sleep and the app will track motion, volume of breathing (snoring) and time to give you a reading of your restorative sleep pattern.
RunPee is an app that you never actually knew you needed, never mind thought someone would make successfully, but as it’s now out there, it might as well be used. This sleek app is for those of us who may have the anxiety of needing to pee whilst in the cinema…
RunPee hosts a community of other bladder-minded people like us who have seen the film you’re watching and found the perfect times to pee without risking missing the main action in the film.
You can set a vibrating reminder on your phone or see the ‘look for’ key scenes in which it’s the best time to pee. If you do run out, the app will then give you a summary of what you’ve just missed.
Weird, right?
Fast Customer
If, like possibly everyone on the planet don’t want to have to deal with repetitive 30 second hold music for hours on end, the Fast Customer app is perfect. By searching for the company you’re wanting to call, and finding the direct and specific person or department you want to talk to, you can then leave the rest up to FC. Instead of waiting in line and ruining your schedule for the day, the app will ring you when the next agent is available.
Whilst this is only four of the unknown, yet cool apps – and certainly very varied in objective – there’s plenty more that you’ll be shocked to learn exist. Whatever you think might make a cool app, or if you’re looking to unusual things easier in your life, as Apple once said: ‘There’s an app for that’. Probably.

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