Forget About Cell Phone Apps – This Is The Future!

In the technology world, there is always something more to develop or discover. When it comes to our mobiles and smartphones, the situation is no different, and with these little devices being able to assist and entertain us in every single aspect in our lives, it’s really a question as to what will come next in the world of the devolving humans, incapable of working without the buzz of technology all around us.
The top leading companies will probably have left app development to the smaller businesses by now, and will be secretly working on the next big thing.
But what happens after we’ve all finished fangirling over apps available for our phones?
As we’ve not quite met the expectations of the creators of Back to the Future – who thought the world would see hover boards as a mode of transport, and finger recognition house locks by 2015 – what will we be developing next?
Virtual Reality
With the technology whizzes at Samsung setting the way into Virtual Reality with their Samsung Galaxy VR headsets, the next step will more than likely be an increase in this trend.
The headsets – which have now also been developed by experts at HTC and LG – will progress and develop soon into comfortable goggles that can be used even in our living rooms for immersing yourself into videos, games and apps. With a 360 degree camera and hidden eye-tracking tech, you’ll be fully surrounded by the entertainment you’re using at the time.
The technology is no doubt going to be sold and offered to consoles such as Playstation and Xbox to create a simulator experience when playing games.
The term Virtual Reality refers to the creation of realistic images, sounds and environments by computer technology that will stimulate our senses and make us feel like a physical presence within the created world.
With Virtual Reality, we are able to interact with the images and objects, all controlled by our movements. This fully immersive approach we know today takes classic items such as Playstation’s iToy to a new level – by creating the world around you, rather than place you inside the world.
So when it comes to downloading apps on to our miniature devices, it all may seem a little unsatisfactory unless you can pop on a headset and enter the game or app as your own character.
Smart Everything
We’ve already started to see the beginning of the Smart Kitchen, but with the idea not fully taking off just yet, it’s only a matter of time till you’ll be able to buy an apartment with integrated appliances, all of which you can control on your smart phone!
Whether it’s texting your coffee machine to make you a drink just before you get back from work, or asking the fridge to weigh the contents of your fridge to remind you what you needed to pick up from the shops, the whole house is soon to be an interactive robot space, somehow re-creating a Beauty & The Beast’s Be Our Guest rendition with a creepy, technological twist!
All of this technology development is giving us a headache… and with that last mental image, probably nightmares too!
The future is nigh, and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down when it comes to developing the use of our mobiles. Say goodbye to Snapchat, and hello to SMS messaging with the oven whilst walking yourself through a virtual reality to explore the galaxies far beyond.
Whilst there’s no way to predict the future, we’re just hoping we don’t let the Back to the Future squad down!

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