How Can I Know They Don´T Charge Me Inside The App?

In-App charges are cheeky ways developers try to make you believe that you’re downloading an entirely free game or application on your phone to use at your leisure. What you often don’t realise is that there are purchases made within the app for add ons or subscriptions that you were only made aware of in the very, very tiny fine print in the store’s description before downloading. This means plenty of people are finding that in-app purchases are stinging them when it comes to unexpected money being taken from their accounts, with no real cover when it comes to trying to get it back.
Because the app has been downloaded using your account details stored by your brand’s app market, the app can, occasionally, charge you for play time or take money from your account for specific things, without you knowing – often leaving you with a hefty sum and angry phone call to your provider…
But most apps with in-app purchases don’t necessarily need the extra payments for you to still use it – they’re more trying to lure you into buying extra things to enhance your time on the app, rather than paying so that the app can still be of use.
So by turning of in-App purchases, you’ll be able to restrict any additional payments, prevent any unexpected billing, and also stop any kids from buying things within games on your phone.
Dependent on your operating system, the process to stop involuntarily paying for apps can differ in small ways. We’ve created a few tips and tutorials for each provider:
– In the main settings application, under the general tab, you will find a ‘restrictions’ area
– If you haven’t enabled restrictions, you’ll need to enable them
– Scroll through the restrictions and find the one named ‘In-App Purchases’
– Swipe it so that the green is no longer showing.
The restrictions tab will also help you manage what else you allow your phone to do without your permission.
Alternatively, apps on the store will usually tell you ‘free for download, with in-app purchases’ and you can opt to find a different app to choose, to make certain you won’t be charged anything.
– You’ll need to stop in-app purchases on Android through the Google Play Store
– Tap the three lines icon (often meaning menu for Android phones)
– Find the settings options and select the ‘require passwords for purchases, and change the option to ‘for all purchases’ – this will stop you downloadable any apps not free without knowing, as well as making you type in a password whenever an app as you to pay inside.
– Open the App store and tap the three dot icon (similar to the Android menu icon)
– Select the settings tab and tap PIN
– Turn on the Wallet PIN and create a PIN number
– Select the option to Use Wallet PIN to protect music, app and in-app purchases
With similarities and differences between each operating system, if you’re using a different OS to these, be sure to look online for the best ways to do it on your phone, and be careful when letting others use your apps. Generally speaking, apps must telling you that there are in-app purchases required, and if not, you’ll be able to check Customer reviews to find out information about whether or not you have to pay.
By setting your phone to no allow automatic payments, you’ll be always aware of purchases on your phone, and you will receive a password or pin request.

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