How To Install An App

With almost all smart phones and tablets these days, you’ll find they will come with a pre-set operating system (OS) for you use to on the device. The most popular of these would of course be iOS for iPhones, Android and Windows.

With each operating system, you will have your own market in which you are able to access a huge number of applications to add to your phone. The phone in itself will have very limited apps, such as messaging, calling and camera. This is so you are able to design your own directory of the facilities you want your phone to have.
The instructions for installing applications (apps) on to your phone can differ, depending on where you’re shopping for them and how your downloading system works.

iOS is the operating system for any Apple products – from iPhones to Macs and iPads.
Visiting the App Store on either your phone or desktop iTunes will provide you with a tonne of apps to download straight onto your phone. These range from helpful programmes like Photoshop or Microsoft Words, right through to fun games and films.

To search for an app you want to download, you can view the top charts, or search for the app in the search bar at the top of the page.

Clicking on the icon for your chosen app, will show you the details, price (a lot are free however) and reviews.

Once you have decided to download the item, tap the ‘GET’ icon to start the download.

Some apps require you to re-type your Apple ID password in order to begin installation.

The icon should appear somewhere on your home screen and will be ready to use within a matter of minutes.

Always make sure to be on wifi when installing apps onto your iPhone or iPad, as data fees can add up.

Android operating systems are in conjunction with Google Play, and tend to be seen on phones by LG, Samsung and HTC.

The main way to download or install apps for android phones is via Google Play App Store which will already be set up on your phone.
Similar to the iStore, you can then tap the icon and search for whatever app you want to install. Tap the icon and click the ‘install’ button.
Again, the app will appear in your menu area within a matter of minutes.

An alternative way to download Google apps is via the desktop. By logging into your Google account on the computer, as well as your phone, you are able to download apps onto your mobile instantly from by searching for apps in Google Play online.

With a windows phone, you’ll notice apps are shopped for through the Store.
The store works the same in the sense that you can search for apps and begin the download by tapping the icon and selecting ‘Get’ or ‘Install’.

The process is fairly straight forward and once you’ve learnt to download one thing, you can download them all!

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