Top Apps You Can Not Live Without

Other than the occasional scroll down our multiple social new feeds or having a play on Candy Crush on the bus in the morning, our phone apps can help to change our lives for the better. From learning resources, or organisational tools, we let our phones slob around like lazy inhuman devices when we could be getting them to do all the hard work!
Headspace is an app in which you can find 10 minute meditation practices that will help relieve the stress and anxiety of every day. Whilst this doesn’t necessarily do the hard work for you, it will help create a little calmness in your mind that will give you a better approach to the day’s tasks at hand.
Flux takes control of you device’s screen and adapts the brightness and backlighting so to prevent damage and over-stimulation of our eyes.
By setting your location settings, the screen will find data about the sunrise and sundown in your county, and change the colours of the screen. This is available of any of us (or all of us) who have a habit of scrolling through our phones reading in bed before going to sleep. Using technology during sleeping hours can stimulate our eyes and brain, meaning falling asleep is a lot more difficult. Flux takes away some of that difficult so you’re no longer blinded by bright lights in the evening or when waking up.
Swackett is still not particularly well known, but definitely needs a call out on the top apps you shouldn’t be living without! Unlike a typical weather app, Swackett helps to make those all important decisions regarding what to actually wear. Sure, the morning weather might say it’s sunny, but what about that breeze? You don’t want to be stuck in a Marilyn Monroe situation whilst waiting at the traffic lights…
Evernote is practically the organisation skills of your mum, wrapped into a transportable device (because carrying mum around just got too difficult). Evernote will combine all your notes and to do lists into one helpful app – whether it’s a grocery list, or your wanderlust map, or articles you want to look into more – Evernote helps you stay on track and keeps everything extremely simple.
Forest and similar apps available over each operating system is designed to help you stay connected with the real world. We all have an extreme dependency when it comes to our phones, and often will allow this to disrupt our day and special time with loved ones. For every second and minute you’re not touching your phone, a little tree will begin to grow and grow until you touch your phone again. Then the system restarts. It’s a good way to keep track of just how much you look at your device, and may make you realise how you could be using your time a little more effectively.
Pokemon Go whilst there may be some slight aversions for anyone in their 20s when it comes to Pokemon Go and how ‘they just shouldn’t be ruining a classic!’, you’ll find that this phenomenon is actually why kids get out for fresh air these days. Running around in long grass to catch your favourite pokemon is now full immersed into your local area. It’s a great way to get exercise and make friends with likeminded people. Because if you haven’t seen a tonne of people all stood in the same place on their phones walking up and down shouting ‘YES!’ you’ve done really well ths year…

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