What Are The Most Popular Apps?

When talking with friends, you’ll often find that app names these days are basically classed as proper words.
Whether it’s ‘I’ll Whatsapp you’ or ‘snap be back’, the apps that are used throughout the world are so popular they’re classed as every day necessities.

Here are some of the most popular apps of 2016 so far:

Social media:
Of course, the most popular apps across the entire world had to be social media platforms. Messenger apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger take millions of downloads every month and are used daily as an alternative to the original SMS.

The benefits of these apps, as opposed to the standard texting facilities available with any phone, is they’re free to use, so long as you have an internet connection.

Not to mention, it’s easier to track whether friends have seen your messages, can easily find old conversations and use fun gifs and Motifs to spice up the chat.

Whatsapp and Facebook messenger are also great ways to send multimedia messages – such as videos and pictures to friends without having to pay the fees your mobile supplier will ask for.

Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are all massive hits too, for everyone from teens and millennials, to senior citizens and businesses.

These kinds of apps are entirely free and help businesses market their new works in a fun and interactive way in which customers and clients can get involved with feedback or complaints.
For older generations who choose to involve themselves in social media, it’s the perfect way to keep in touch with kids and grandkids from all one the world and take a look into their everyday lives.

Facebook is ideal for families scattered all over the world to help keep everyone in the loop on major life events.

Next up, is Uber: A taxi app that allows you to order, book and pre-schedule a cab in your area for any given time. You can track your payments and previous journeys too.

Everyone wants access to music at any time. Whilst at the gym, walking home, showering or just having a sing a long in bed, Spotify gives you access to a global selection of artists and bands for you to choose from and pick your favorites.
With both free and premium versions available, Spotify is downloaded more than 10 million times a month, and their music streaming services are pretty flawless.

Sometimes you might be looking for a soundtrack to your life, and other times you need to find a film for snuggling up with a cup of coffee. Netflix is a world renowned film streaming site and the app is no different. Offering thousands of films – updated each term – Netflix is ideal for commuters or anyone with tablets and larger phones.

Whilst these are the top, most popular apps in the world, they’re also free, easy to install and super interactive. Everything you need for everyday life on your phone can be created with a combination of these apps.

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