Who Should And Cannot Use The App Store?

The best thing about any all app stores (from Apple’s iStore, to Android’s Google Play store) is that there is virtually something out there for everyone, with every possible interest, right at the tap of a button on your mobile. Using your smartphone’s market – depending on their chosen operating system – you can browse the vast libraries of apps in their store to see what is of interest to you.

Whether you’re a busy body worker who needs lists and scheduling apps, or a bored commuter looking for something fun to do on the way home, there’s something for absolutely everyone.

Offering so much diversity, it is really the phone owner’s responsibility to monitor what is being downloaded to their phone by other people, and determining if this is appropriate or not.

So when it comes to actually limiting who can and can’t use the App store, there isn’t much precaution taken by the providers that needs to be upheld:
So long as you have the correct accounts and phone operating system to access the store you’re looking at, you are free to browse an install the apps as you please.

For example, an Apple product will use the Store, and cannot access the Android store or Google play. Similarly, Android and Windows users will not able to access the iStore – meaning you are restricted by what your OS Market has to offer.

Most stores overlap with the applications available for download anyway, so you’re unlikely to get to the point where apps you’re wanting are unavailable.

With so much to choose from, there’s also plenty of apps for kids and even pets! You can download virtual games in which dogs and cats can use their paws to catch balls and fish on the screen.

Alternatively, for the modern family, there are cartoons, books and game apps, designed specifically for children.

Taking a tablet on long car journeys will prove to be a God-send for anyone with children, as you can keep them entertained and quiet for hours.

There are plenty of academic apps too for learning a new language, or reading up on your favourite subjects. The App Store can be your very own, personally designed encyclopaedia.

With restrictions in place – such as passwords and account logins – kids won’t be able to start suddenly downloading anything unsafe or chargeable.

So as you can, not only is there much variety for you, there’s also plenty see for any one at age. The applications on a phone are made to make life fun and easier for everyone.

If you are cautious about leaving your devices with children or other members of the family – worrying they may be able to download or install several apps using charges and fees, or accidentally adding viruses to your phone – you don’t have to take it off them; you can set up child locks and codes through the settings on your phone in order to restrict what can and can’t be accessed.

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